Welcome to our school's Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, Twos, and Preschool!

Our curriculum blends cutting-edge research with innovative ideas, offering a progressive approach to learning. We celebrate creativity and recognize the vital role that teachers play in creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for every child in our classrooms.

Join us as we embrace creativity, foster a love for learning, and empower our teachers to inspire and connect with each child in our school community. Together, we strive to make learning exciting and meaningful for every young learner in our care.


At our school, we believe that children learn best through play. Every interaction, every touch, and every manipulation contributes to their intellectual development. That's why we offer a nurturing and intimate classroom environment where guided, individual interaction is at the forefront. We believe this approach creates the perfect setting for learning, allowing each child to flourish and reach their full potential.


In each of our classrooms, you'll find thoughtfully curated, age-appropriate play centers designed to ignite curiosity and foster a vibrant learning atmosphere. Here, children engage in activities that promote decision-making, independence, and the satisfaction of completing tasks. Through these enriching experiences, our students develop essential life skills and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.


Our programs promote children’s social-emotional development and encompass every aspect of your child’s world – interactions between child and materials; the child and other children; the child and teachers; and the merging of child, home and school. Individual attention and low child-to-teacher ratios are at the core of our “whole child” philosophy. We are proud to offer more superior ratios than those required by the State of Georgia.

Nursery/Infant 6:2 6:1
Toddlers 12:3 8:1
Twos 12:3 12:1
Preschool/Pre-K 12/14:2 18/20:2