Introducing our Tulip and Sunflower Classes!

Designed for older babies and younger toddlers, our Tulip and Sunflower Classes provide a nurturing environment for your child's continued growth and development. As children transition from the Morning Glory and Daffodil classes, they embark on their journey in the Tulip Class before progressing to the Sunflower Class.

In the Tulip Class, your child will join a group of eight peers with the support of two dedicated teachers. As they transition to the Sunflower Class, the group expands to twelve children with three teachers, allowing for even more individualized attention and support.

These classes are vibrant hubs of exploration, where independence flourishes and language skills blossom. Join us as we nurture your child's curiosity and celebrate their achievements in our Tulip and Sunflower Classes!



7:30am- 8:45am

Arrival and Open play in the classroom; Breakfast & Clean up time!


Circle Time: Songs; finger plays; book of the week;music and movement. Diaper changing will also take place at this time.


Nap Time/ Rest Time


Music and Movement; Small Group Activity & Stories.