Introducing our Rose, Cherry Blossom, and Magnolia Classes!

Designed for older toddlers and twos, our Rose, Cherry Blossom, and Magnolia Classes provide a dynamic learning environment where children can flourish. With a maximum capacity of twelve children per class and three dedicated full-time teachers, we offer a supportive setting for each child's developmental journey.

In these classrooms, children begin to express themselves using language to communicate their wants and needs. They also embark on the path to self-sufficiency, mastering self-help skills and initiating toilet training. Through hands-on exploration, they refine both large and small motor skills, engaging with a variety of materials such as crayons, markers, balls, and tricycles.

Join us as we guide your child through this exciting stage of growth and discovery in our Rose, Cherry Blossom, and Magnolia Classes!




Free play/ Restroom break/ Clean up time


Outdoor play/ Pay Place Time

12:30p -2:30pm

End Lunch/ Rest Time/Nap Time


Child directed centers/ free art choice time